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Toothpaste Action #10

Samin Son, Toothpaste Action #10
Performance réalisée à Depopulate 01, Taiwan
Video : Damien Owen Trainor
Source : white fungus

Samin Son à propos de la série des "Toothpaste actions" :
Continuing the life exploration of a South Korean Soldier, this work will take a subversive look at the daily routine and rituals of an artist who was required to do two years worth of service for South Korea. There is a saying in Korean “If you can’t avoid it, you might as well ride it”.
I had to channel my non-conformist personality through the conventions by over-enthusiasm for the mundane pushing a threshold of the limits of conformity.
During the army I trained for the riot police, had faeces thrown at me, and entered real life riot situations. To toughen me up for the experience, my senior officers would beat me. I had to clean the bathroom floor everyday using toothpaste.
These moments were my only opportunities, stolen as they were, to indulge in artistic expression. For a time, illicit toothpaste self-portraits were my only medium, often scrawled on a mirror.
For my performance I will be creating a live action taking an artistic and subversive license to the army conventions. I say once a soldier always a soldier and when the time comes to do the performance I will be ready to report to duty.